Hey everyone,

This blog is basically the outward expression of what I spend my days thinking about, my free time being an activist about and my nights dreaming about. I’m an American Muslim of Afro-Arab heritage. I’m a Chicagoan. I love social media. And figure skating. And YA novels. And puns. I’m a news|current events|political science junkie. The thing I probably spend the most amount of time thinking about is the development of Western Muslim identity: how does it happen, what does it mean for the West|East, and how can we actively and positively contribute|engage|love our societies.

This blog features daily links[ies] of news items I find interesting|thought-provoking|stimulating as well as weekly essays. I’m still trying to learn my way through WordPress, so I’ll be experimenting for a while.

I hope you enjoy your time on my site and your feedback is always appreciated!


3 Responses to About

  1. Layla Kamal says:

    I think someone as cool as you woulds really likes this Muslim woman blog. She is very outspoken and gives young Muslim women’s view on things in communities that belong to us


    • Salaam Layla,

      Thank you for sharing the blog. Do you want to know something amazing? I met the author earlier today and told her that her blog was recommended to me! Small world 🙂 #Subhanallah

      • Layla says:

        Wallah this is very amazing. subhanallah I have never met her but she is very funny and her words are very good and touched the soul. Very honest. I love your page. You are great inspiration to Muslims. Allah hafiz

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