10/8/10 Articles & Links, Oh My!

Welcome to my regular feature: A&L, OM! My FB friends/Twitter followers know that I like to read many articles and hit the “share”  or “retweet” button. This feature is meant to reduce the number of times I send those links out and has the added bonus of some color commentary. All links open in a new windeow. I hope you enjoy!

1. Islamic Headscarves take fashion cues. When you open with a sentence saying that Muslim girls in the West have innovated the idea of being trendy and modest (hijabulous, if you will), then we have a problem. Muslim women all over the world have always worn clothes that they felt made them look good – while being modest and comfy. Western Muslims don’t have a monopoly on being fashion forward! Also, it’s getting tiresome that every piece of media out there about Muslim women is about what we’re wearing, or not wearing, forced to wear or banned from wearing and how we’re wearing what we’re wearing. We’re people, not clothes racks! Having said all that, mad props to the Vela girls with your gorgeous scarves and a can-do entrepreneurial spirit…and for featuring my lovely friend, a Chicago transplant to LA, on their site! ❤

2. Should We Fear Islam? Rep. Keith Ellison tells it like it is! Takes the media to task for the bigoted and uninformed way they’ve been reporting about Islam, America and American Muslims.

3. Obama in Command. The Rolling Stone interview. ‘Nuff said. 

4. Vanity Fair reviews a debate: Tariq Ramadan vs. Christopher Hitchens “the peacefulness of Islam.” Video of debate is embedded in the article.

5. Understanding Autochtoon Privilege. In the Netherlands, citizens are legally sorted into those of foreign origin (allochtoon) and those of Dutch origin (autochtoon). This article, written by a non-Muslim allochtoon, delves into the question of autochtoon privilege during a time when The Netherlands is struggling to decide how inclusive it’s national identity should be. The author refers to the Dutch Christmas Sinterklaas; a story many view as racist. For a humorous take on Sinterklaas, check out American humorist and essayist David Sedaris’s story “6 to 8 Black Men (YouTube vid).

6. Wars Over Symbols. A fabulous interview with Mauritanian Islamic scholar Mohamed El-Moctar discussing niqab and religious symbolism in the Muslim and Western worlds. 

7. Does “Niqabitch” Enrich the Burka Ban Debate? Thoughtfulness from the folks at Muslimah Media Watch about the recent stunt pulled by two French women (one Muslim), wearing a burqa from head to waist and hotpants from waist to toes.

8. “The Man Who Said No.” To end positively, a piece about one Japanese-American woman’s effort to share her father’s story and his fight for equality and civil liberties for all Americans. Rock on, Korematsus.


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